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Learn Kill Team with Free Rules and Space Marine Squad

Warhammer 40k Kill Team: A Guide to the Skirmish Game

If you love Warhammer 40,000 but want to try something different, you might be interested in Kill Team. This is a skirmish game that lets you command a small team of elite operatives in covert missions across the galaxy. In this article, we will explain what Kill Team is, how to play it, and how to get started with it. What is Kill Team?

Kill Team is a game of fast-paced and tactical combat in the 41st Millennium. Unlike Warhammer 40,000, where you control large armies of hundreds or thousands of models, in Kill Team you only need a handful of models and a few pieces of terrain to play. Each model in Kill Team is an individual operative with their own name, skills, equipment, and abilities. They can act independently or work together as a team to achieve their objectives. Each kill team has a unique theme and playstyle that reflects their faction and background. Kill Team is easy to learn but takes a canny strategic mind to master. You can play it as a standalone game or as part of a narrative campaign where your kill team grows and evolves over time. You can also customize your kill team with various options and upgrades to suit your preferences. How to Play Kill Team

The Core Rules

The core rules of Kill Team are simple and straightforward. You can download them for free from the Warhammer Community website. They cover everything you need to know to play a basic game of Kill Team, including: - How to set up the battlefield and choose your mission - How to move, shoot, fight, and use special abilities - How to resolve damage and injuries - How to score victory points and determine the winner The core rules also include a reference sheet for common weapon abilities that you can use during the game. The Lite Rules

The lite rules are an abridged version of the core rules that only contain the essential information you need to play. They are ideal for beginners who want to get started quickly and easily. You can also download them for free from the Warhammer Community website. The Full Rules

The full rules are an expanded version of the core rules that contain more details and options for advanced players. They are included in the starter sets that you can buy from Games Workshop or your local hobby store. They cover topics such as: - How to build and customize your kill team - How to use equipment, tac ops, strategic ploys, and tactical ploys - How to play spec ops campaigns - How to use different environments and hazards - How to play with different factions and subfactions The full rules also include datasheets for all the kill teams available in the game. The Kill Teams

The kill teams are the heart and soul of Kill Team. They are composed of a small number of models that represent elite operatives from various factions in Warhammer 40,000. Each kill team has its own rules and characteristics that reflect its theme and playstyle. The Intercession Squad

The Intercession Squad is a kill team of Space Marines from the Adeptus Astartes faction. They are loyal warriors of the Emperor who fight with courage and discipline. They can be armed with either bolt rifles or heavy bolt pistols and chainswords, depending on whether they prefer ranged or melee combat. The Intercession Squad is a fully fleshed-out kill team that you can download for free from the Warhammer Community website. It includes a complete set of rules for equipment, tac ops, strategic ploys, and tactical ploys. It also includes four pages of spec ops rules that let you join in a narrative campaign. One of the highlights of this kill team is the Assault Intercessor Sergeant, who can be equipped with either a power fist or a thunder hammer. These are powerful weapons that can deal devastating damage in close combat. Other Kill Teams

Besides the Intercession Squad, there are many other kill teams available in the game. Some of them are included in the starter sets, while others are sold separately as boxed sets or individual models. Some examples are: - The Krieg Veteran Squad: A kill team of Imperial Guardsmen from the Astra Militarum faction. They are grim soldiers who fight with stoicism and determination. They can be armed with various weapons such as lasguns, shotguns, flamers, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and more. - The Kommando Boss Nob: A kill team leader of Orks from the Orks faction. He is a cunning and sneaky warboss who leads a band of kommandos into battle. He can be armed with either a power klaw or a big choppa, as well as a slugga or a kombi-weapon. - The Flayed One: A kill team operative of Necrons from the Necrons faction. He is a twisted and sadistic warrior who flays his enemies alive and wears their skin as trophies. He can be armed with either flayer claws or rending claws, as well as an enmitic disintegrator pistol. You can find more information about these and other kill teams on the Games Workshop website or your local hobby store. The Spec Ops Rules

The spec ops rules are operatives' performance, disrupting your enemy's plans, or manipulating the killzone. Each faction has its own set of strategic ploys that reflect its theme and playstyle. Q: What are tactical ploys? A: Tactical ploys are special abilities that you can use during the game. They cost command points to activate and have various effects such as moving your operatives, changing your drop zone, or rerolling dice. There are some common tactical ploys that are available to all factions, as well as some faction-specific tactical ploys that reflect their theme and playstyle. Q: What are battle honours? A: Battle honours are rewards that you can earn for your operatives in a spec ops campaign. They represent the skills and experience that your operatives gain over time. There are two types of battle honours: battle traits and weapon enhancements. Battle traits are special abilities that improve your operatives' characteristics or give them new options. Weapon enhancements are upgrades that improve your operatives' weapons or give them new abilities.

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