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Buy Sofa Bed Uk

Our wide range of sofas includes many designs & types, including fabric sofas, leather sofas, corner sofas and recliner sofas. Entertaining guests but without the need for a permanent bed? Why not check out our large range of sofa beds, also available as corner sofa beds.

buy sofa bed uk

Discover the latest in sofa innovation with ranges available exclusively at DFS, such as our sustainable sofa Grand Designs Sofas, made from recycled plastics, or our stylish sofa in a box, Boxit, as well as designer sofas created in partnership with exclusive brands such as French Connection, House Beautiful and Joules.

The size of your sofa bed will depend on a lot of factors. How much space do you have? What kind of room will your sofa bed be going into? How much space behind it can you give? There is no single answer, but there are three things to consider when making the choice:

The size of your sofa bed will depend on several factors. How much space do you have? What kind of room will your sofa bed be going into? How much space behind it can you give? There is no single answer, but there are three things to consider when making the choice:

It's amazing how much the right pillow can change a night's sleep from fitful to restful. You wouldn't compromise on pillows for your main bed, so don't do it when on a sofa bed either. Sofa beds with storage make a great option for hiding bedding and pillows away during the day, letting you fully enjoy both functions.

The soft parts of any sofa bed can wear down with use, just like the soft parts of our beds. Flipping them regularly can help extend the lifetime of their plushness, as well as keep them looking their best.

The bottom line is that all the steps that can make a bed comfy can be applied to any sofa bed. Get those comfy pillows, invest in a good mattress topper, and flip over the cushions to keep it in its best shape.

So, first up we have clic-clac sofa bed mechanisms. These are impressive because they're super easy to use. All you do is gently drop the backrest down to create a flat sleeping surface. You'll hear it click into place. They're also usually quite compact, which makes them perfect for small spaces.

Next, we have A-frame sofa bed mechanisms. These are similar to clic-clac mechanisms and straightforward to set up, but instead of clicking down, the backrest folds down when you pull out the front to create the bed. The metal frame structure offers fantastic strength, ideal for long-term visitors.

Lastly, we have pull-out sofa bed mechanisms. These are a bit different than the others, as the sleeping surface is stored underneath the sofa, and you pull it out when you need it. These are still super straightforward to set up and a great option if you're having a sleepover.

All in all, each of the three mechanisms have their pros and cons, and choosing one depends on your preference, space availability and how frequently you're going to use it. But whichever mechanism you choose, you'll have a comfortable and stylish sofa bed that is sure to make your guests happy.

For smaller spaces, we have our popular double and single sofabeds which allow you to quickly transform any room into a guest room. These small sofa beds fit into the size of a footstool, so will fit in the smallest of spaces.

Our Sandringham Velvet sofa bed collection features the finest selection of colours from apricot, emerald, gold, black and many more. Our Tweed collection features a beautiful selection of neutrals from light grey to oatmeal, teal and fudge.

This sleeper sofa features a back that reclines to a flat position, creating a comfortable sleeping spot without the hassle of a pullout mechanism. The luxe polyester velvet fabric is on trend and available in both neutrals and bolder shades. According to reviews, the sofa bed is "so easy to put together," with just eight steps. Plus, dozens of respondents from our group of panelists love the simple and seamless ordering process through Wayfair, and online reviewers of this sofa bed agree, adding that Wayfair's customer service is helpful if there are delivery issues or if pieces show up damaged. It is important to note, though, that some reviews complain of the cushions sagging or "deflating" with extended use.

With more than 7,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this modern Serta futon is a great option for college students and teens living in smaller spaces. One Textiles Lab analyst has used this futon-style sleeper sofa before and shared that the couch is comfy to sit on but a bit firm for a bed, and reviewers agree that the cushions are on the firmer side. You have the option to lock the sofa's back into three positions, including upright, reclined and flat, for relaxing and sleeping. One online reviewer who has had this sofa bed in her room for more than five years raved that it's sturdy and durable, sharing, "It's held up really well" to years of regular use.

Of our panelists, more than 800 have purchased their sofas from Ashley, giving the brand's products rave reviews for both style and comfort. The Bladen Full Sofa Sleeper is a pullout couch with a traditional look and a spacious full-size mattress inside. Online reviewers praise how comfortable the sofa and bed are to lounge on. One impressed reviewer shared, "We've had guests sleep on the bed for a full week without complaint." They also love the faux-leather material's worn-in look and supersoft feel. Know that Ashley's pricing for this model does change based on your area code, so the final cost for you may be different from the initial listed price.

To convert this sofa into a bed, use the brand's included Sleep Kit, which consists of a thin memory foam mattress topper, a custom couch-size sheet set, a quilted blanket, a pillow and an eye mask. No more lending your best new blankets to your guests! Simply open the bagged kit, lay the mattress out on top of your couch, cover the mattress with the sheets, and the Nomad is ready for bedtime. Coordinating furniture deliveries can be frustrating, but you don't have to worry about that with Burrow's sofa bed, since it's delivered by mail in three compact boxes. Online reviewers found setup to be much easier than expected and loved the sofa's olefin fabric, sharing that it's easy to clean and "feels great." Some reviews mention that the cushions are extra firm, but the kit's memory foam mattress can help create a comfier feel for your overnight guests.

A great solution for a space where a sofa would be too big, daybeds are an ideal place to read a book, sit on like a bench or simply lounge and relax. The Luna Upholstered Daybed Sleeper features a trundle that pulls out to convert the daybed into a mattress. (Unlike a standard sofa, this daybed is low to the floor.) The sleeper is available in a range of 27 shades and textures, and Pottery Barn can send you free swatches so you're able to find your dream upholstery before you make a commitment. Know, though, that the price varies depending on the fabric you choose, and it can take more than five weeks for shipment because each piece is made to order. However, our survey panel found Pottery Barn's ordering process and furniture setup to be super easy. Plus, they gave the brand's furniture high marks for comfort, durability, fabric feel and stylish color options.

If you love being able to stretch out on a sectional-style sofa but also want the option of a pullout bed, this sleeper sofa checks every box. Interior Define lets you customize the sofa completely with tons of different fabric options. (It will even send you free swatches to check out yourself before ordering.) You can also specify the leg color, chaise length, seat cushion style and type of fill. Our survey panelists were blown away by the fabric selection of 200-plus options and loved the "individuality" of each sofa. Panelists who own this specific sofa model gave it high ratings for style, comfort and support. Survey respondents shared that they experienced elongated delivery times, and the brand notes it can take anywhere between 18 and 33 weeks for the product to ship, but online reviewers say that when the product arrives, the white-glove delivery process is seamless.

Made with a sturdy wood frame and rolled arms, this sleeper sofa has a traditional look with a hidden queen-size pullout mattress. It's available in more than 50 different shades, with the option to receive free samples before choosing a fabric. Reviewers were impressed by this sofa, which has a 4.7-star rating (out of 5), with one reviewer raving that she was surprised "how comfortable the bed was, as sleeper sofas are usually not this comfortable." Some online reviewers experienced dents in the cushions early on, but you have up to 30 days to return the sofa if you aren't satisfied. If you do have any issues, hundreds of our survey panelists have purchased their sofas from Wayfair and praise the retailer's excellent, supportive customer service team.

Sleeper sofas for small spaces are hard to find, but this sofa from Joybird is a pullout couch with a twin bed. Reviewers love to place this sofa in home offices, nurseries and small apartments. It has medium-firm cushions and a memory foam mattress for support while you sit and comfort while you sleep. You can customize the exact fabric color and the wood stain for a final piece that's just your style. Note that some individuals from our survey panel said it took longer for furniture from the brand to arrive than they anticipated. If you like the look of the Eliot Twin Sleeper, check out the entire Eliot Collection at Joybird for a matching set.

With more than 8,000 reviews on Amazon, this affordable sleeper sofa from Novogratz is an Amazon best seller. Specifically, reviewers like that it's super easy to assemble yourself, with many saying it took less than an hour to piece together. Because the sofa has stiffer cushions, some reviewers wish it was plusher, but others love the firm support. Available in a variety of trendy shades, there are both faux-leather and textured linen fabrics to choose from. The back easily folds down flat to act as a mattress, but the sofa arms remain stationary, which could be uncomfortable for taller overnight guests. 041b061a72

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