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Download Duke Nukem 3d Atomic Edition Full

Located below is a download link for the full version of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition and Meltdown Online Utility. This package includes most popular ports including eDuke32 and hDuke. A few mods and maps are included as well. Download size is approximately 50MB.

Download Duke Nukem 3d Atomic Edition Full


  • Another year has passed, and hopefully we can now say for sure we are done with that horrible pandemic.Since it's that time of year, I felt like giving, so I have issued a big update for the Addon Compilation 4.0prototype (WIP for a while now), bringing smaller or bigger changes to 22 addons.Mostly it's about adding Rednukem compatibility (no worries, EDuke32 will also still work), but in some casesI have made some additional effort to get even closer to perfection.My personal highlights:Chimera: Added Mikko Sandt's "Hidden Zone" as last map, some art fixes (+ widescreen)

  • Duke Hard: Optional Rednukem support (requires switching con/def definitions in GRPINFO file), some widescreen support

  • Last Reaction & Water Bases: Fixed overbearing outdoor sound in "Launch Base", widescreen tile for WB finale panel

  • The Gate: Boss map and Predator resizing are fixed for good (with vanilla methods!), widescreen CD Thrower

Details about how to get this update plus a full changelog can be found here.Special mention: Thanks a lot to Reaper_Man and ck3D for their valuable input regarding those code fixes for "The Gate"!Before it's forgotten: Widescreen Fixes for Duke3D v1.5 is available since a while as well, getting rid ofimage stretching and taking care of some Nuclear Winter screens (recently added in prior v1.4x updates).There's also some other great news not directly related to the Duke! The Force Engine v1.0 has been released which brilliantly supports Dark Forcesand all the community addons which have been created in the last 2+ decades. Have you ever been wondering what DF could be like with proper highres and widescreen support plus a fully functional save feature? This is your chanceto find out!For this occasion, be sure to also check out the Dark Forces Community Patch which makes the original game more user-friendly by addressing various annoyances and fixing some old bugs along the way. Just drop that zipfile into your TFE "Mods" folder and select it via ingame menu before you start playing.Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!

  • A new Addon Compilation release after almost four years? Wow! However, before you freak out: This is NOT what youmight think or expect. I realized that most of the compilation entries would not appear in the EDuke32 launcherwhen using this with the World Tour groupfile, so I supplied a separate batch file (addons_wt.bat) for that purpose.This new version won't gain you anything if you are using the Atomic Edition - there are no new or updated addonsin this version whatsoever. There is also no need to download the entire pack again for just a few kilobytes, so I have made a small patch over at the forumswhich saves you a lot of time and bandwidth if you have version 3.13 installed already.And no worries: The REAL (huge!) update has not been forgotten and I am still working on it!Our nice little Voxel Pack is doing fine in the meantime. mxrtxn is currently working on Caribbean voxels which we willhopefully soon be able to use in EDuke32 without having to edit internal Voxel Pack definitions.Furthermore, we are currently thinking about retiring the old HRP and compile a new version (which would bear a different namewhich has not been decided yet) with upscaled original textures, sprites, voxels and SC-55 music. It would bemuch closer to the original artwork and might have a realistic chance of being completed within a reasonableamount of time. Also, most of the work for it is actually done already.That's all for now. Get back to work, you slacker!Updated downloads:[UPDATE] EDuke32 Addon Compilation v3.14: Added proper World Tour support

  • [UPDATE] Duke!Zone II Fixed Release v2.0.2: Sound definition fix (reverted to v2.0 state)

  • In this difficult time of disaster, disease and suffering, it is important for you to remember two things: 1) We are still alive and2) We are still working on something (even if it does not look like it all the time).The Voxel Pack has made some progress in the last few months, mostly thanks to Borion and his amazing additions. Be sure to checkout the latest version which is from now on also linked in the Downloads section.Unfortunately, no substantial news regarding HRP (no surprise considering nobody is really working on it any more)and Addon Compilation. I intend to make some progress with the compilation, but it's hard to catch up with recent substantial EDuke32code changes and the remaining issue with custom maps loading from internal groupfile folders is also still unsolved. There will possiblybe a test version in the hopefully-not-too-distant future, though.Until then: Stay healthy, stay safe! Wear those masks in crowded places - help protect others!Updated downloads:[UPDATE] Duke3D Voxel Pack v1.3 pre4: 69 new and 11 updated voxels (since pre2), updated maphacks

  • [UPDATE] Duke!Zone II Fixed Release v2.0.1: Fixed predefined sound #207 not being overwritten by custom definition

  • [UPDATE] Duke3D Fixes v1.35: Game.con update and various DukeGDX optimizations

*** Installation ***Fatal Mode (Atomic) uses EDuke32, and arrives as a "preinstalled" ZIP file. Download the mod, then uncompress it to somewhere and copy the file called "Duke3D.GRP" from your legal, full version of Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition into the main directory of the mod. So "Duke3D.GRP" must be in the same directory, where "eduke32.exe" is. When you first start the game via "eduke32.exe", you need to set your screen resolution in the popup menu. That's it, have a good time with the mod!

*** Notes ***- Updating the mod's Eduke version is not recommended. This is the most stable version I could find in the Eduke download archive. Later editions seem to have some weird memory bug... at least on my side.- Switching to Polymer rendering mode is not advised. It might cause frame drops and stuttering. Polymost rendering mode is your best choice.

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