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Cadillacs And Dinosaurs Psp Iso

The player can find and use a series of firearms in the game, throwing weapons like explosives and rocks and melee weapons like clubs. The game takes place in the city in the sea and city. The game plot started 500 years from the 20th century when a gang known as the Black Marketeers threatened the dinosaurs to fulfill the unholy purpose. This game has an addictive storyline which makes it popular among game lovers.

cadillacs and dinosaurs psp iso

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is a brawler for the arcade. You can choose to play from one of three characters or have three player co-op. You will go around fighting dinosaurs and other human enemies. You can punch, kick, throw and use special moves. There are many levels that are long and varied. The game is bright and colorful and the sound is good. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is great co-op player fun.

While playing this game, you may find some titular dinosaurs which attack both players and enemies. By moving forward you will find some items in your path which will help you to win this game. Like food, this will increase your health, if it decreases. Weapons will help you to defeat enemies as these have more hit points than the players. You can also throw weapons at enemies which will decrease their health.

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