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Legion Of The Dead(2005) EXCLUSIVE

The mummies descend upon the motel killing several patrons including the motel manager, being capable of reaching directly into peoples bodies and pulling out their organs. Molly and Carter are unable to find Kevyn and they realize the mummies have taken her as a virgin is needed for a final sacrifice so Aneh-Tet can begin world domination. Carter and Molly arrive at the tomb where they find Kevyn being prepped for sacrifice. Molly has armed herself with several sticks of dynamite (it's not revealed where she got the dynamite) and threatens Aneh-Tet with it allowing Kevyn to escape. Ben-David attacks Carter but is killed with a relic battle axe from the tomb. Several mummies chase after Kevyn as Sheriff Jones and acting deputy Sam arrive at the dig site, having found the bodies at the motel. Aneh-Tet instead uses Carter as a sacrifice, finding that he is a virgin and stabs him. The mummies attack the Sheriff's vehicle, killing him and Sam. Molly uses the sacrificial knife to stab Aneh-Tet before her ritual is complete causing her to return to her mummified state and her legion of undead to disintegrate. With Carter dead, Kevyn offers her virginal blood to Molly so they can bring Carter back to life with the ritual, which works and the credits roll.

Legion of the Dead(2005)

Following the discovery of an Egyptian burial chamber in the California desert, a team of scientists learns of the resurrection of a female mummy who begins a rampage of terror across the area for the blood required to raise her legions of disciples buried with her and seek the immortality she originally perished for.

Stati Uniti, anni duemila. Una squadra di egittologi arriva in una parco dove è stata scoperta un'antica tomba egiziana. La sacerdotessa Aneh-Tet si risveglia dal suo sonno durato quattromila anni e si mette in cerca di sei anime per riportare in vita la sua legione di mummie e di una vergine per riportare in vita il padre affinché domini il mondo da immortale. La giovane archeologa Molly tenta di fermarla fino ad arrivare ad una battaglia finale contro le forze delle tenebre. 041b061a72

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