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Drop Dead Gorgeous

As the title of "Drop Dead Gorgeous" suggests, some of the characters turn up dead or injured. The ferocious intensity of the parents is a reminder of "The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom," a made-for-cable movie that's one of the great buried comic treasures of recent years, with a Holly Hunter performance that would have been Oscar material if the movie had opened in theaters.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

[VL] If ever a hosta has been appropriately named, this is it! Hans Hansen crossed a streaked sport of 'Niagara Falls' with the massive 'Empress Wu' and the result was Hosta 'Drop-dead Gorgeous'. The green leaves have pronounce veining and can reach 17" long at maturity. Each leaf is edged by a wide yellow border of frilly ruffles. Hosta 'Drop-dead Gorgeous' is a strong grower with good leaf substance, and grows to be a massive mound 30" tall and 89" across that blooms in mid summer with semi fertile, white flowers. The name speaks for itself...this is a drop-dead gorgeous hosta! PPAF

With Gladys dead, the shooting spree at the end of the film was the work of librarian Iona Hildebrandt, herself a Mount Rose American Teen Princess during World War II, who snapped as a result of the bastardization of the pageant. The audience had a visceral reaction to the twisted conclusion.

"It's not bad that she leaps on the corpse of the dead reporter to get what she wants. It's totally random," Jann said. "It's totally mercenary. Success is always conditional. It's not necessarily that good things happen to good people. This is a complete fucking accident."

you know what? i can forgive the academy for giving suicide squad an oscar. i can forgive them for not giving mad max: fury road best picture. but not giving amy adams an academy award for drop dead gorgeous? UN-FUCKING-FORGIVABLE. PAY UP ASSHOLES.

The seventeen-year-old girls who want to compete in the 50th Sarah Rose Cosmetics American Teen Princess regional contest long for the excitement and romanticism that winning promises. They hail from Mount Rose, Minnesota, the small-town backdrop of DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, where the girls are honing their skills in tap dance, dramatic monologue, dancing while signing for the deaf, and singing the praises of, and dancing with, a stuffed Jesus doll attached to a large cross on wheels. The story is told from the point of view of a documentary camera crew filming the regional run-up to the State and National competitions, the camera monitoring the in-fighting, the handicapping by townfolk, the speculation about payoffs, suspicious actions by judges, and, finally, mysterious deaths of competitors and their supporters -- ruled "accidental" by police who are clearly on the take. Gladys Leeman (Kirstie Alley) is the mom who herself was crowned American Teen Princess years back and now presides over the contest, a woman who has clearly bribed the judges and killed competitors to clear the way to victory for her polished but heartless daughter, Becky (the gleeful Denise Richards). The whole town knows that Amber Atkins (Kirsten Dunst) is the most talented and deserving among the contestants. She's the daughter of Annette, a trailer park drunk (played with relish by Ellen Barkin). Amber goes to school, practices dance, and works at the funeral home, cheerfully applying makeup to corpses. She's an underdog in life and in the contest, but she has the fervent support of her mom's pal, Loretta (Allison Janney), who escorts her everywhere after Gladys bombs Amber's trailer and sends Mom to the hospital with third degree burns and a beer can seared to her right hand. All bad guys, including the sponsors of the contest, receive their just desserts in the end. 041b061a72

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