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Micrografx Designer 9.0

Micrografx Designer was first released for Windows 1.0 in 1986. The first version was launched as In*A*Vision graphic software. This vector graphics editor was renamed to Micrografx Designer when the version 2 was launched. Micrografx Designer 9 was the final version of this software which was released in 2001. In that year Corel purchased this graphics software from Micrografx and renamed it Corel Designer. Now CorelDRAW Technical Suite is the representing package of Micrografx Designer. The features of Micrografx Designer 9 are more improved in CorelDRAW Technical Suite and it provides a complete solution for technical designers and publishers.

Micrografx Designer 9.0

Corel designer technical suite12 is a bundle of applications for technical graphics built on Corel DESIGNER 12. Originally developed by Micrografx, the DESIGNER program was acquired by Corel Corp. in the fall of 2001. In addition to the updated core DESIGNER 12 product, the suite now includes Corel PHOTO-PAINT 12, Corel CAPTURE 12 for screen capture and CorelTRACE 12 for bitmap tracing. Corel Designer Technical Suite 12

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