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Where To Buy Bully Sticks For Dogs

Our premium bully sticks are hand-selected by the Bow Wow Labs team to guarantee the safest fit for your Bow Wow Buddy. You can purchase Bow Wow Labs Bully sticks either as a one time purchase or subscribe and save 5% + Free Shipping on every order!

where to buy bully sticks for dogs

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Offer your dog one of our bully stick dog treats the next time they need something to chew. These thick sticks aren't as hard as other chew options, which makes them a good choice for aggressive gnawers who might risk their teeth by gnawing on antlers or some bones. Made by Red Barn, this dog treat is created using 100-percent beef, hormone-free bully sticks sourced in Paraguay.

Our wildly popular maplewood smoked bully sticks are absolutely bursting with flavor! Each batch is slow-smoked for 72hrs with real maplewood for a long-lasting, mouth-watering chew no dog can resist.

Bully sticks are a preferred dog treat for anyone wanting a longer chew for their dogs. The bully sticks also support dental health while keeping your dog busy and entertained. We have dog treats that are highly digestible, make long-lasting natural chews and also serve as distraction treats.

Not only to preoccupy, but when made from 100% meat, they also add an important nutrition boost to dog food that can much less than 50% meat. At our store, we also have bully sticks for puppy. The sticks work in removing tartar and help in promoting strong jaw muscles.

Also remember that our bully sticks are 100% Australian bully sticks. We regularly get emails from OS companies wanting to off load their products, often considerably cheaper than the local Australian ones, but we only provide 100% Australian grown bully sticks.

Dogs love Bully Sticks or any other treat that has this as a main ingredient. No doubt that it has become one of the best sellers. Whether they are coated in bully gravy or bully pizzle combined with other healthy ingredients, these chews are sure to keep dogs chewing and licking for a long time.

There are no chemicals or artificial ingredients added to Chewy Louie Bully Sticks. We just clean and cook them. That's it! Our strict quality standards in our factories ensure the freshest bully sticks go out of our doors for your dog to enjoy. Grab some for your dog today!

My bully breed pups love to chew! It can get expensive buying bully sticks for the two of them. These are the best value for my money, which I appreciate. Sometimes I splurge on another brand that has a longer chew time, but these are my daily pick

My puppy absolutely loves these bully sticks! He was immediately interested in them, which was a huge win since he can sometimes be a bit picky! Each bully stick keeps him busy for a while, too, making these a perfect pastime for a a busy pup!

TickledPet bully sticks are all Odor Free unless stated otherwise. They do not smell, not even after being chewed on for a while. They are also all Made in the USA. They are a high protein chew that is sold with guaranteed weights.

This is a fully Bully Stick 30"-32" Straight Cane. This makes a great treat for the heavy chewer. This treat will last long and like our other straight bully sticks are all natural. The canes are not smoked and come from free ranging cattle.

After ordering and examining the 10 bully stick holders on the market (every one I could find) I had the most promising tested and reviewed by 9 dogs of all sizes (from 18 to 205 lbs) who have a history of swallowing the end of a bully stick.

Both of these provide a strong and secure hold on the bully stick and work for dogs of practically all sizes. There are multiple sizes of each of these products and a critical learning is that you need to make sure to get the right sized holder for the thickness of bully stick you are using - I'll delve into that more in a bit.

As determined by the testers and also confirmed by the creators of the Bully Buddy and Bully Grip, matching the size of the holders to the bully stick thickness is more important than matching the size of the holder to your dog size (in my opinion the marketing of the holder sizes is a little misleading on this front!) as if the bully stick doesn't fit into the holder snugly, it can become easy for your dog to get the bully stick out. And except for the extremes, the holders are safe for dogs of different sizes (this was confirmed by the makers of the Bully Buddy and Bully Grip).

I am not incentivized by any of these companies to write about or promote their products. I simply feel that as a provider of bully sticks, I owe it to my customers to be as informed as possible on these products and to share my transparent and unbiased information with you!

The purest bully sticks are made from just raw beef pizzle (bull penis) and some water (used for thawing and cleaning). But some bully stick manufacturers are adding a chemical preservative, sodium metabisulfite, which was deemed by the FDA to be not safe for meat products.1 The FDA states, 041b061a72

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